About Us

Dunbarton Telephone CompanyDunbarton Telephone Company began handling telephone calls and serving customers in 1902.

The company has always been locally owned, and has been owned by the same family since 1952. Obviously, much has changed since those first voice calls were made. In 1961, the old magneto switchboard and crank phones were retired in favor of a relay dialing system in a new building. We were one of the first telco’s in New Hampshire to go digital in 1981. The first of four remote switches was put into service in 1995. In 2001, high speed internet was first offered to our customers.

Many communications technologies have come and gone over the years. Dunbarton Telephone has always strived to meet the changing communications needs of our customers in the community of Dunbarton, as well as select areas of Bow and Goffstown.

It is our desire to continue to offer prompt and reliable service to our customers, as we seek to provide the latest in telecommunications and broadband services.


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